Sunday, February 27, 2011

Written by my friend Anna Kowalczky

... information I thought you might want to read written by my friend Anna Kowalczky who is also in the program... and is a Sigma Kappa I might add :)

This is me and Anna at the top of the castle at sunset... we're in the pose of a "Kappa"
to represent our Sigma Kappa backgrounds :)
photo cred: Jesse Von Fange

After a month here, the initial culture shock has faded, and Alicante has truly become home. With the loss of my rose-colored glasses, I’ve identified lots that Spain can teach well as what America can teach Spain. Some local insight:

Querido America,

  • Be conscious of what you use. Don’t waste food, energy, water, etc.
  • Family is important. Enjoy meals and outings with extended family; spontaneous visits should be welcomed, not a cause for stress.
  • Food is for enjoyment. Eat slowly and with good company. Buy food fresh and daily.
  • You don’t need to be the best to be happy. Working with others to achieve success is just as valuable as success alone..and far more enjoyable.
  • Express yourself. Love generously. Don’t sidestep the topic; say exactly what you feel.
  • Be confident and proud in who you are. Spanish women are some of the sexiest.
  • Getting old does not mean your life needs to come to a halt. Your age should not define your pastimes, fashion nor friends.

Con amor,


Dear Spain,

  • Taking up the entire sidewalk is never okay. Taking up the sidewalk while walking one kilometer/hour should be illegal. Further, if you see and hear someone behind you trying to get by, moving a little bit to one side or the other would be quite courteous.
  • We no longer live in the dark ages. While water is expensive, hygiene is a top priority in most of the world, and it should be in Spain as well. Using a bidet does not equal a shower. I should not be able to smell you before spin class has even begun.
  • While I admire your ability to chat with pure strangers, it is not adequate to assume that the ten people in line behind your new friend have no future destination. It’s amazing how working at work renders far higher profits.
  • Clean up your dog poo. That is one surprise no one wants to find on the sidewalk.
  • Personal space does exist. While Americans may value it a little too much, bumping into/pushing people is crossing the line. A “pardon” never hurt a soul.
  • Sometimes, people get hot when they exercise. Therefore, shorts are a practical decision..not a financial decision due to my desire to find prostitution clients at the gym. Don’t stare, por favor?
  • Spicy food is God’s gift to man.



So... that's a bit of insight that Anna talks about with me a lot while we're walking around the city... haha these are her words and I laughed - so I figured you all would too. PLUS it gives you something to read while I work on my blog that i'm 23 days behind on. OOPS!

Me :)

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