Thursday, March 10, 2011

HE is watching!

I have a confession, my friends.... I used my grandma's account on Facebook to check and see any final messages on my wall after Emily changed my password. You want to know something really cool and really strange at the same time? I realized I'm being watched! No, I don't have some creep (trepa - in Spanish) watching my Facebook or me :) God was watching to see if I'd be truthful to my last post about Lent!!

As soon as I logged on to grandma's Facebook, a message was sent to my phone that merely said: "Lent"

It popped up on the screen and my heart leaped - I knew He was sending me a message saying - Hey you said you'd do this for me, what gives?


Talk about a spiritual moment for the day and a majoorrr eye opener! HE is watching what we're doing, y'all. He knows what's in our hearts and He wants US to follow through with our promises as He follows through with His promises to us.

Needless to say - I won't be touching ANYONE'S facebooks trying to be sneaky again ;) because even though you all wouldn't know, the main man would.

In Awe!!!

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