Thursday, January 20, 2011


Actually... I did see a bee today -- but it was a weird bee.

Anywho! Writing to say that today was INSANELY busy but a good day! I'll write about it tomorrow seeing as it is 12:45 and I have class at 9:30. Keep posted!! I'll take some pictures of the school tomorrow if it is actually sunny... until then ---

Enjoy the two albums already posted on facebook!!!
Just check my page and you'll be sure to find the links ...

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Album #1 - the city
Album #2 - everyday life

Satisfied and exhausted


Peter said...

Keep the pics coming AL! hope your enjoying class! :)

- Tim - Bob - Roo - said...

Satisfied and exhausted......Hmmmm, did you get that from somewhere?

P.S can i finish your blog everyday?

Peter said...

So you got up to work on your Blog hey?? I guess you either fell asleep or got side tracked :P