Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So... as I am sitting here creating lists of everything I have to do, buy, and figure out before I leave on Friday morning (2 DAYS -- AHHHH--), I decided I don't have an address book (even louder AHHH) of all of my friends, relatives, etc. addresses here back in the States (or abroad)! This post, therefore, is to ask everyone who wants to receive REALLY COOL POSTCARDS from the travels to send me their addresses to either my:
  • e-mail:
  • my facebook inbox -- or --
  • just post it as a comment on here! (below... scroll down... click COMMENT)
That way I can compile all of the addresses to my MacBook's address book and then have a steady address book to sort through to send out postcards randomly.

Excited, Nervous and INSANELY Unprepared

p.s. the packing is... coming along. :) let's hope for the best!

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