Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thank Goodness for WebSTAR!

The meaning for this title is.... our internet is TERRIBLE! The apartment is supposed to have it's own wifi but! it's not working. It'll be fine for 5 minutes and then crash for the next hour. We were all frustrated... UNTIL I found another network called WebSTAR! It was unlocked and close enough to work, so we were happy.
The girls and I started tidying up our rooms and the rest of the apartment, washed a few clothes and hung them out to dry on the clothes lines! We went out to explore a little more in the town around 8:30pm and found six wedding dress shops on one street! WHOA! They're serious about getting married around here...
Came back and MaryAnn got scared out of her pants when she opened the apartment door. We were walking up to it and there was light shining through the bottom crack -- so they both of course blamed me for leaving a light on even though I swore I didn't -- and then MaryAnn unlocked and opened the door... WHA BAM! there was a new roommate standing right there in our face. MaryAnn screamed, I laughed and said, "I told you I didn't leave the lights on," and then we all exchanged Hellos and names. Her name is Kaitlyn and she's from Chicago. She was rooming with a group of Spainards down the street, but she didn't like the apartment or the situation, so she switched and surprised us with her presence.
We also met the three girls from across the hall -- they're part of the USAC program as well. So, there are seven USAC girls on one floor of this apartment building.

We're going to take over Spain, I tell ya. Just watch :)

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