Sunday, January 16, 2011

In Our Apartment

I am writing you from our apartment! YES! We have finally moved in and are loving it! The apartment is an L shape... just image that L rotated 90ยบ to the right and you have the entrance way followed by a long hallway with our kitchen, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, and one living room. The washing machine is on a little outside terrace connecting to the kitchen with clothes lines to dry the wet clothing.
The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, oven, 4 top stove, microwave, table and four chairs, and plenty of cups and plates, etc. The living room has two love seats, a table with four chairs, and a tv. The bathrooms each have a toilet, shower, bidet, and sink, and the rooms each have a twin sized bed, desk, two drawers next to the bed, and a closet with hangers and more drawers. The layout is: walk in the door and the living room is on your left; round the corner and the rest of the rooms are up the hallway all on the right hand side. First is the kitchen, then a closet, bathroom #1, bathroom #2, Krista's room, MaryAnn's room, and then my room to finish out the apartment. (I'll post pictures later!)

We left the hotel this morning at 12:00pm and explored more of Alicante while waiting to go to La Plaza Luceros to meet up with the group. There are 73 (or more) kids here with USAC this semester! WHOA! Finally got with Krista (our third roommate) and also ran into another girl, named Gab, from Clemson and one girl, named Emma, that roomed with me in Ecuador. Small world, eh?! As everyone dispersed with their landlords and families they would be living with, we left to go with one of the ladies over the program to get into our apartment. It's about a 10 minute walk from the beach -- where the pictures I took and posted yesterday were made -- and it's near all of the shopping! :) Oh, and it's 30 minutes by bus away from the school (or 8 minutes by train) -- that IS the whole reason I'm here, again, right? ;)
We unloaded all luggage and then said goodbye to Jota and Mariana. Now we're all just sitting in this dark, cold apartment (trying to conserve electricity so our bill isn't outrageous) talking to loved ones and figuring out what we're going to have to buy / do over the next week!!

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