Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011 - an ordinary day

How did you like that extra long blog post yesterday? Did it make your daily reading time three times as long? :) haha sorry... today's post won't be nearly as long. I just have a few things to say:
  1. I am extreeeeeemely disappointed with school right now. Carmen - the fabulous professor that I wrote about on the last blog - is no longer my professor :( Her dad died and for some reason she had to leave for the entire semester. So, we have a new woman named Eva, who seems much more strict. :( no buena! The first thing she started talking about was how it wasn't going to be easy to make an A. GREAT!
  2. Day two of the Monday / Wednesday rotation and I still can't understand what either of my Cinema or Business professors are talking about. Apparently the business professor took up this paragraph we had to write for homework - guess who didn't turn theirs in? ME! AND I was the first one in the classroom, one of the only ones with the required book, and had already completed the assignment! Mere translation FAIL! So I emailed her this afternoon explaining that I hadn't understood something within the language barrier, and I wrote down the paragraph on the email so she would know that I had done it. Hopefully she's nice?! :)
  3. It's cold... and getting colder. Today I had to wear a BIG puffy jacket and for those of you who looked at the castle pictures - we were in t-shirts and workout pants! What is going on here, Spain! You're supposed to be warming up. The teachers at school say that this is unusually cold for Alicante and that we students probably brought the cold weather with us from the United States. haha oh aren't we Americans nice?!
Well, that's basically it for today. We went to school, I had lunch with Caitlin, another girl that I met today, and found out that Spaniards have a problem with microwaves on the left-side of a table. ?? It was working perfectly fine (I tested it when I got up to the front of the line after standing in line for 10 minutes wondering why no one was using the left microwave) and I told the guy behind me that it was working and to use it and he got really animated and said, "No... no no!" Hmm.... it turned on and was emitting heat - I don't understand, Spain! Maybe something was wrong that I didn't know about.
I wore my new gray jeans today (TOTALLY FORGOT TO WRITE ABOUT THOSE! okay so everywhere around Alicante is having MAJOR sales right now since it's the month after Christmas... so I got a pair of skinny-legged gray jeans for 15euro... :) yayy!! They're oober cute!) and felt quite Spanish and stylish in them. Maybe I'll toss that huge Clemson sweater aside for now, eh? ;)
After my first two classes, lunch, and then my business class, Abby, Grace and I rode the bus home and I came in and tried to warm myself up. Nutrisystem dinner followed a study session Abby and I had for our classes (Abby is the one from Maryland that lives in the apartment across the hall). We finished up and now I'm finishing up on here. MaryAnn and Krista went out shopping again - I had to refrain so I don't spend anymore money. I think I have enough clothes for now...... I'll wait for another set of new clothes to become available :)

Oh yeah - found out that Real Madrid and Alicante are playing in Madrid on April 17th.... the flights (round-trip) are 15 euro... the tickets to the game: 300 euro. Goodbye fĂștbol opportunity hello reality (sorry Raffy and KA... guess I won't be cheering for your team this time around)!

Going to try to relearn what we learned in class!

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Keller Anne said...

300 euro?! you have to be kidding me!! You can always try your luck with scalpers outside!

300 EURO! I can't get over that!! That makes me sad :(